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Update on Ike

Quick update on the status of the carbon black plants affected by Hurricane Ike over the weekend.

Evonik Degussa at Aransas Pass, Texas: Plant was shut down on Friday (September 12) due to a precautionary shut down of natural gas. The plant is restarting today (September 15).

Evonik Degussa at Orange, Texas: Plant was shut down on Thursday (September 11) in preparation for the storm. Orange and the surrounding area was hit hard, and damage assessment at the plant is still underway. The company does not currently have an estimate of when it will return to operation. Electric power is out in the area.

Evonik Degussa’s Ivanhoe plant in New Iberia, Louisiana: This plant dodged a bullet as reports indicate that the storm surge from Ike nearly topped the levees before retreating. The plant experienced only minor flooding and is in good shape overall. Electric power is currently out but the plant is expected to restart on Wednesday (September 17).

Sid Richardson at Addis, Louisiana: Electric power was restored on Friday (September 12) and the plant came back up over the weekend.

At this point, Evonik Degussa does not expect these disruptions to affect its plans to close Aransas Pas by the end of 2008. __________________________________________________________

Update: The two carbon black plants located in Franklin, Louisiana — operated by Cabot Corp. and Columbian Chemicals — shut down over the weekend as a precaution. Storm damage in the area was light and both plants are starting up today. There have been issues with staffing caused by employees not being available due to flooding in the area.

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