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Carbon Black World Data Book

The Carbon Black World Data Book is an essential resource for anyone involved in the carbon black industry. Published annually and regularly updated, the report provides extensive proprietary data on carbon black capacity, capacity utilization, production, trade, demand, applications, market share, and pricing. 

The report includes these components:

  • Annual report (PDF)

  • Comprehensive Excel spreadsheet of all data

  • Mid-year Supply/Demand Update

  • Monthly price report (12 months), covering the US, EU, Brazil & China

  • Subscriber-only Special Topic Reports


Price: $6,900 for single-user license; $8,900 for multi-user license

Published: October 2023

Prospects for Recovered Carbon Black

Prospects for Recovered Carbon Black 2023 provides a comprehensive overview of the global market for recovered carbon black, a performance filler recycled from end-of-life tires. The report includes a demand forecast through 2032, in-depth discussions of leading suppliers, joint ventures and collaborations, current capacity and planned capacity expansion projects, and the current state of tire pyrolysis technology. This report was written in cooperation with Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin. The PDF report is 135 pages and the subscription includes a separate Excel spreadsheet with all data. 


Price: $5,500 for single-user license; $7,500 for multi-user license

Published: June 2023

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World Specialty Blacks

World Specialty Blacks covers the global market for specialty blacks, which are premium grades of carbon blacks used in non-rubber applications. Data provided include specialty blacks demand, prices, market value, production capacity by company and plant, major grades & product lines, and market share by company. World Specialty Blacks is an addendum to the Carbon Black World Data Book, and subscribers to the Data Book receive a discount on World Specialty Blacks.

The report covers the following types of carbon black:

  • Specialty furnace blacks (i.e., all furnace blacks used in non-rubber uses)

  • Modified furnace blacks (e.g., Ensaco)

  • Thermal blacks (including medium and fine thermal black)

  • Acetylene blacks

  • Gas & Lamp blacks

  • Superconductive blacks (e.g., Ketjenblack)

  • Carbon nanotubes (including single-wall and multiwall CNTs)


Data encompass the following markets:

  • Plastics (Film, Injection/Blow Molding, Wire/Cable, Pipe, Engineering, Fiber)

  • Conductive Polymers (Wire & Cable Semicon, ESD, EMI uses)

  • Ink & Toners (Publication Inks, Packaging Inks, Toners, Inkjets)

  • Batteries (Dry Cell, Lithium Ion, Lead Acid)

  • Other Markets (Adhesives, Mulch, Rubber Goods, Graphite/Carbon, Insulation)


Price: $5,900 for single-user license; $7,900 for multi-user license

(discount price available for current subscribers of the Carbon Black World Data Book, please inquire)

Most recent edition: August 2022

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