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Tire Recycling Plant Opens

Carbolytic Materials Co. L.L.C. has announced that its tire recycling plant in Maryville, Missouri has opened. The plant recycles tire scrap to produce a carbon black alternative called ApexCM™ that the company says is suitable for commercial use as a lower-cost, carbon black replacement in applications such as hoses, gaskets, belting, roofing materials, and plastic piping, among other products.

This blog previously wrote about the Carbolytic Materials plant here.

In October 2008, the company received $12.4 million in financing from the Missouri New Markets Development program, which enabled the company to build the new manufacturing facility in rural Missouri. The plant employs 30.

The plant has a capacity of more than 15,000 tons of used tires annually. According to the company, each ton of carbon black replacement it produces represents 380 recycled tires, 760 gallons of oil saved and 3,800 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions kept out of the atmosphere.

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