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Thai Hotel, Site of 2009 Carbon Black Conference, Hit with Grenade Attack

The Dusit Thani hotel, site of the Carbon Black 2009: Perspectives in Asia Pacific conference in November 2009, was the site of a grenade attack on Monday in connection with the anti-government protests that have rocked Bangkok for the last six weeks.

Executives at the Dusit Thani Bangkok Hotel are in shock after the hotel was targeted in a grenade attack that is believed to be linked to suspicions that Maj Gen Khattiya Sawasdipol, a red-shirt leader, was fatally shot by a sniper who was hiding in the property. Both the allegations and the attacks have shocked hotel staff and executives. Grenades fired from an M79 launcher hit the five-star hotel late on Sunday night. The blasts sparked off fires on the 14th and 22nd floors when they exploded. The property is located on Silom and Rama IV roads, an area which has seen heavy fighting between armed troops and red-shirt protesters over the past few days.

This map highlights the rough area of the protest, which ended Wednesday with much bloodshed under a harsh government crackdown on the protesters.

More details here.

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