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Thai Carbon Black Experiences Shut Down

According to The Nation (Thailand), Thai Carbon Black’s plant in Angthong Province, Thailand was partially shut down on August 21 due to the accidental release of carbon dust. Carbon dust from the furnace was released after a short circuit that led to the automatic opening of a valve on the furnace. Water pumps intended to spray water on the dust failed to function.

The partial shutdown followed an inspection by industrial official Suraphon Chamat and Angthong governor Suthana Theeveerapanya. Under the Industrial Plant Act, the governor could have shut down this unit until September 15. I am awaiting word on how long the shut down actually lasted.


Update: Sources at Thai Carbon Black report that the problem was minor and immediately repaired. The shutdown affected only one of the plant’s 15 reactors (divided amongst five production lines) and lasted less than a day.

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