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Phillips Expects to Sell Nearly 40 MW of Power in 2009/10

According to an article at Steel Guru, Phillips Carbon Black expects to sell nearly 40 MW of energy in the 2009/2010 fiscal year from cogen power plants located in its carbon black plants.

According to Mr. BL Chandak, VP Corporate Finance for RPG Enterprises, PCBL’s parent, the recent commissioning of a new 30 MW cogen plant at Durgapur raised the company’s total power generation capacity to 48 MW. The company’s target is to generate over 80 MW of renewable energy by this fiscal year. Mr. Chandak said that the company is currently producing about 20 MW at Durgapur; 15 MW of this would be available for sale. He added that nearly 8 MW could be surplus at its 12 MW power plant at Vadodara. The article indicates that the 16 MW unit located at the company’s new plant in Mundra is expected to have 10 MW of power available for sale after meeting the plant’s internal requirements.

The article also discusses two future projects: the company proposes to expand the production capacity at its Kochi plant in 2011-12 to 16 MW, from 2.5 MW now. It also plans to generate 16 MW at its greenfield carbon black factory in Vietnam.

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