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PCBL Details Expansion Plans, including Vietnam Plant

Coinciding with the release of its latest quarterly results, Phillips Carbon Black has updated its expansion plans.

Speaking about new projects, [PCBL Chairman Sanjiv] Goneka said negotiations were being held between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu for a possible largest carbon black unit among the group that would be based close to a port. “Ideally, I am trying for a largest single location carbon black plant, but that would depend on land and environmental issues,” Goneka said. He did not specifically declared the installed capacity of the proposed fifth unit but agreed that installed capacity could be as high as 2,00,000 MT per annum for the new plant. “The project would be finalised in the next fortnight and then complete details can be provided, Goenka said. At present, the largest capacity plants of the company is in Durgapur with 140,000 MT. Goenka said all approvals had been received for Vietnam project of 55,000 tonne and financial closure would be achieved in the next three to four months. “We also hope to double the Vietnam project to one lakh tonne after commencing the first phase as large tyre capacity is coming up there including from Indian companies like J K tyre,” he said. The current carbon black capacity is 3.6 lakh tonne per annum and is the largest in the country.
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