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Omsk Carbon Group expands distribution in Europe and Canada

Omsk Carbon Group, Russia’s largest carbon black producer, recently changed the name of its Germany subsidiary from Omsk Carbon Germany to Omsk Carbon Europe GmbH. The change indicates a shift in focus toward the entire European market, particularly Italy, France, and the UK. Omsk Carbon Europe was established in 2012 in Waltrop, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. In addition to the new name, beginning in 2016, Omsk Carbon Europe will be responsible for all European activities of the group and will coordinate the sales and distribution chain in Europe.

In Canada, Omsk Carbon Group established a new subsidiary, Omsk Carbon Canada, in 2014 in Prescott, Ontario, close to the US border. The transloading station received its first shipment of carbon black from Russia in September 2014. Omsk Carbon Canada was established with the aim of organizing and providing direct official customer service in Canada.

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