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Notch & Wolfersdorff update Prospects for recovered Carbon Black report

We are very proud to announce this week that Notch Consulting and Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin have published our new report, Prospects for Recovered Carbon Black 2023. This is an an updated and expanded version of our multi-client report that was first published last year. The 135-page report covers the global market for recovered carbon black, including a demand forecast through 2032, a discussion of leading suppliers, joint ventures and collaborations, current capacity and planned expansions, the regulatory environment, and the current state of tire pyrolysis technology. An overview is available here. Full table of contents upon request. Happy to answer any questions about the report.

Here is a chat that Martin and I had this morning on LinkedIn Live to discuss the report.

Here is a webinar on Sustainable Carbon Black (including rCB) that we did on Tuesday.

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