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Epsilon Carbon announces new coal tar/carbon black facility in India

India's Epsilon Carbon Pvt. Ltd. has announced a new project to build an Integrated Carbon Complex (ICC) in Jharsuguda, Odisha province, India. Epsilon Carbon signed a memorandum of understanding committing an investment of Rs 10,000 crores (US$1.2B) over 10 years for the establishment of the complex, which will have capacity for 500 KTPY for specialty carbons (i.e., coal tar products), 300 KTPY for carbon black, and 75 KTPY for advanced materials. Jharsuguda was chosen as the site due to its industrial-friendly policies as well as its existing steel and aluminum industries, which ensures a consistent supply of raw materials as well as a market for coal tar pitch. With the new facility, Epsilon said it is on track to become “the largest coal tar distiller in India and third largest carbon black manufacturer” in the country. The project is expected to generate 2,000 jobs, according to Epsilon.

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