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Notch updates Carbon Black & Specialty Black reports

Notch Consulting has recently updated both of its reports covering the global carbon black industry: The Carbon Black World Data Book and World Specialty Blacks. These reports are described in detail below.

Carbon Black World Data Book: The most widely read and authoritative report available on the $10B global carbon black market. The most recent edition was published in July 2017 with quarterly updates through April 2018 and monthly carbon black prices through May 2018. The Data Book provides detailed data on carbon black capacity, production, utilization, and demand by market and type for the world and 26 leading countries. This report covers rubber and specialty furnace blacks.

World Specialty Blacks: Covers the global market for specialty blacks, which are premium grades of carbon blacks used in non-rubber applications. Data provided include specialty blacks demand, prices, market value, production capacity by company and plant, major grades & product lines, and market share by company. World Specialty Blacks is an addendum to the Carbon Black World Data Book, and subscribers to the Data Book receive a special discount on this report. The data encompass the following types of carbon black: specialty furnace blacks (i.e., all furnace blacks used in non-rubber uses); modified furnace blacks (e.g., Ensaco); thermal blacks (including medium and fine thermal black; acetylene blacks; gas & lamp blacks; and superconductive blacks (e.g., Ketjenblack). Markets covered include plastics, conductive polymers, inks & toners, paints & coatings, and other markets.

Contact Notch at info @ for details and subscription options for either of these reports.

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