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Notch updates Carbon Black Quarterly Newsletter

Notch Consulting has published the latest issue of the Carbon Black Quarterly Newsletter, a quarterly report on the $14 billion carbon black industry. The 4Q 2012 issue is 29 pages with 13 tables detailing carbon black demand by region and market, current pricing by grade and region (US, Brazil, EU, China), and recent and proposed capacity expansion projects. The current issue focuses on supply and demand issues, and presents detailed data by region and country. As always, the PDF report is accompanied by a separate Excel spreadsheet providing extensive supplemental data. After seeing strong growth in 2010 and 2011 as the market recovered from the recession, the carbon black industry is experiencing challenging conditions in 2012, especially in North America and the European Union, where year-on-year volumes are forecast to decline. Asia is seeing good demand growth, but many producers outside China and seeing weaker pricing and pinched volumes as China continues to increase its exports (a function of excess capacity and lower feedstock costs).

Here is an overview of the Carbon Black Quarterly Newsletter. To order the report, contact Notch Consulting Group (information in sidebar to right).

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