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Notch publishes new report on specialty blacks

Last month, Notch Consulting Group published the latest issue of its carbon black quarterly newsletter, the Contact Patch. As always, the report includes the latest prices for major grades of carbon black for the US, the EU, Brazil, and China, as well as fully updated supply and demand figures for the global carbon black industry. In addition, this edition of the newsletter includes a special report entitled Focus on Specialty Blacks, which are carbon blacks used in non-rubber markets. The report includes a detailed breakdown of the major non-rubber markets for carbon black, as well as market share and product lines for leading and emerging suppliers, including Cabot Corporation, Evonik Carbon Black, Columbian Chemicals, Mitsubishi Chemical, Tokai Carbon, China Synthetic Rubber, Asahi Carbon, Birla Carbon, Phillips Carbon Black, Sid Richardson, and others. This is a dynamic segment of the carbon black industry as more suppliers seek to expand their product lines and lessen their dependence on the automotive and tire industries.

The Contact Patch is provided at no additional charge to current subscribers of the Carbon Black World Data Book. It may also be ordered by non-subscribers on either a single-issue or full year basis. To order or for more information, write to

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