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Notch Publishes Carbon Black World Data Book 2010

Notch Consulting is proud to announce the publication of the 2010 edition of the Carbon Black World Data Book. Published annually, the Carbon Black World Data Book is an essential resource for anyone involved in the carbon black industry, whether as a producer or purchaser. The report provides extensive data on carbon black capacity, capacity utilization, production, imports, exports, apparent consumption, demand by market (passenger tires, truck tires, other tires, non-tire rubber goods, and specialty) and demand by grade (tread, carcass, and other), as well as market value and average pricing. This truly is the most comprehensive and up-to-date report available on the carbon black industry.

Responding to the global economic crisis and a severe downturn in the motor vehicle industry, the carbon black industry faced one of its most challenging periods in its modern history from the end of 2008 through the first half of 2009. Global carbon black demand was down 19% during the first half of 2009 compared to 1H 2008, or 29% if China is excluded from the data. Nearly alone among major economies, China and India, after sharp but short-lived downturns, bucked the global trend and posted strong gains in 2009, driven by their domestic motor vehicle and tire industries. China in particular saw volume growth of nearly 19% in 2009. Outside of these countries, however, conditions were grim, with Japan’s market down 35% for the year, North America down 20%, and the European Union down 25%. Utilization rates were among their lowest on record, and suppliers removed substantial capacity in North America and Europe, while numerous units were temporarily idled across all regions. The global carbon black market bottomed out in 2Q 2009 and began a robust recovery in 3Q 2009 has been sustained through 3Q 2010. Given these results, 2010 is expected to be a strong recovery year for all regions, though rates of growth vary. Capacity expansion activity has resumed, and 2010 looks to be a strong year for expansions, led by China.

For more information or to order this report, write to info AT, call Notch Consulting at 413-253-7733, or visit Notch’s website.

Click here for an overview of the report.

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