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New carbon black plant in Abu Dhabi to produce specialty grades

The Carbon Black 2011 Conference in Asia Pacific, which just concluded in Singapore, included a talk by Alberto De Amicis of Eurotecnica regarding Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Co.’s new carbon black plant and coker project in Abu Dhabi, UAE. As we reported here previously, Eurotecnica is providing technology and basic design for the new plant. According to Eurotecnica, the technology, which was developed in association with India-based consulting firm PVTI, is energy efficient and results in high product quality. Eurotecnica is a leading provider of technology for melamine production, having licensed and implemented 17 units with a combined capacity of 430 KTPY, or about one-third of global capacity.

On the carbon black side, Eurotecnica’s services include the following: – Feasibility studies; – Basic, front-end and detailed engineering; – Supply of proprietary equipment; – Supply of critical equipment or client assistance in procurement; – Technical advisory services for all phases of implementation, including plant commissioning; – Theoretical and practical training at site.

Here are some details on the plant: Engineering phase: completed Construction: to begin 1H 2012 Total capacity: 40,600 t/y (nominal product mix), of which 27,600 t/y will be ISAF N-220 (CBFN 220 PC – UV Grade) and 13,000 t/y will be N-115 (CBFN 115 CP – semiconductive). Specs: Output is zero grit, high-purity clean grades, with a grit residue requirement of 15 ppm max (Sieve/grit reside 325 mesh) Feedstock: The plant will use two feedstocks (specific to each grade) that are hydrotreated slurry residues with very low sulfur content and different BMCI and property values Uses: The special grades produced at the plant will be used in the production of plastic pipe (especially those requiring high purity, low residuals, such as potable water) and wire and cable products.

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