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Monolith Materials building new carbon black plant in Nebraska using natural gas feedstock

A new company called Monolith Materials (Redwood City, CA) is building a carbon black plant in Hallam, Nebraska that will use a new, patented process to produce carbon black and by-product hydrogen from natural gas. The hydrogen will be used by the Nebraska Public Power District, Nebraska’s largest electric utility, to fire a new boiler at the company’s Sheldon Station plant, replacing an existing coal-fired boiler. The project is expected to break ground in 2016 and be completed in 2019.

Monolith is backed by KERN Partners, a leading energy sector private equity firm, and First Green Partners, a leading investment company focused on industrial technologies in energy, agriculture, and materials. Rob Hanson is the company’s co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer. Monolith’s leadership team also includes some big names from the carbon black world. William J. Brady, Jr. is the Executive Chairman at Monolith and a Member of the Board of Directors. Previously, Mr. Brady was Executive Vice President of Cabot Corporation, where he spent 23 years. Another Cabot alum is Roscoe Taylor, who serves as Vice President of Engineering for Monolith. Mr. Taylor began his career at Cabot, where he worked in R&D developing improved production processes for carbon black, participated in the startup of new carbon black plants, and led the special blacks manufacturing team.

More information here. Additional articles here and here.

Here is the company’s promotional video.

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