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Michelin Introduces Aramid-Reinforced Performance Tire

Michelin has announced the launch of a new super sport tire to replace its Michelin Pilot Sport 2. According to Michelin’s press release, the tire’s innovations include an aramid belt (using Twaron), as well as a bi-compound tread (silica and carbon black) and a “variable” contact patch.

According to Michelin, the tire’s aramid-reinforced belt is under variable tension, so that the center of the belt tightens more than the shoulders, leading to a more even geometry, even at high rotational speeds.

The bi-compound tread features a carbon black-reinforced material for good wear on the outer edge of the tread region, which bears the brunt of the wear under heavy cornering, while the inner region is silica-reinforced for good grip in the wet and straight-line performance.

The variable contact patch results from a design in which the shape of the contact patch changes under cornering, but the total area remains more or less constant.

First seen at European Rubber Journal (subscription required).

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