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Introduction to the Notch Consulting eNewsletter

Welcome to the electronic newsletter of Notch Consulting.

First a word about who we are. Notch Consulting is a market research company based in Amherst, Massachusetts. Notch provides business intelligence on the tire, carbon black, silica, rubber chemicals and tire cord industries, including data such as supply and demand, capacity, pricing, market share and industry developments. Notch publishes a series of well regarded market research reports on these topics, called Notch Guides.

You may ask why a company that is in the business of selling proprietary information would start a free online newsletter. The reason is simple: a lot of information crosses my desk that may be of interest to my clients but is too time-sensitive or transitory to have a place in my reports. Notch Guides attempt to provide a comprehensive overview of the industries they cover and so are not as focussed on day-to-day developments. Also, I hope to use this use newsletter to open an ongoing dialogue with industry people to expand my range of knowledge or perhaps to help confirm or deny rumors that may be circulating. In the future, I plan to integrate this newsletter with proprietary content from Notch Consulting, so that clients may click through to find additional information not available to the general public. More on that later.

For now, welcome to the newsletter.

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