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Further update on Hurricane Laura

As of 7 AM, Monday, August 31, here is the status of Orion Engineered Carbon’s two US plants affected by Hurricane Laura:

  1. Ivanhoe, LA

  2. We now have full access to the plant

  3. Both power and gas supply have been restored

  4. Plant is now on startup as of yesterday [Sunday] and should be producing certain grades later today [Monday].

  5. Orion rail spur was damaged but we expect such repairs to be concluded by noon today [Monday].

  6. Bulk trucks shipments will resume today [Monday].

  7. We expect rail shipments out of the plant to resume this afternoon [Monday].

  8. There was a rumor that our plant was flooded. That is incorrect. The area did flood but our flood barrier prevented our plant from flooding.

  9. Orange, TX

  10. Plant has full access.

  11. Plant is manned and ready to start up.

  12. However, power has not been restored. Last night, our power supplier provided an update with a much longer time to restore power given the extensive damage due to the Hurricane in the area. Current estimates put power being restored at the beginning of the week of September 7th. This may still change (earlier or later).

  13. We have rented generators to allow access and loading of bulk trucks and railcars.

  14. Given this extended delay in power being restored we will be revising the inventory and supply situation and communicating with you.

Overall, these reports, along with previous reports from other suppliers, indicate that long-term damage to carbon black plants in the region from the hurricane was negligible. Some short-term shortages are likely due to power outages and shipping disruptions.

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