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Evonik Carbon Black moves headquarters to Hanau, Germany

As part of its spin-off from Evonik Industries, in September 2010 Evonik Carbon Black GmbH moved its headquarters from Frankfurt to the Wolfgang Industrial Park in Hanau, Germany, near Frankfurt am Main. Roughly 700 employees made the move to the new headquarters, which is based in a newly erected office building. The site was one of the biggest sites of the former Degussa, but after many mergers and sales of individual businesses, it has become a multi-user site operated by Evonik.

According to Evonik’s website, the Wolfgang Industrial Park grew out of the Königlich-Preussische Pulverfabrik (Royal Prussian Powder Factory) established in 1875 and has undergone continual development ever since. The site, which occupies an area of 820,000 square meters, has existed in its present form since 2001. It currently supports a production and research center for materials technology, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals that houses a total of ten companies. More than 2,600 people work in or for the Health & Nutrition, Inorganic Materials, Industrial Chemicals, Coatings & Additives, and Consumer Specialties Business Units of Evonik Industries.

Photo: Wolfgang Industrial Park, courtesy of Evonik Industries

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