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Delta-Energy Completes Expansion of Tire Recycling Plant

On August 8, 2008, Delta-Energy announced that it has completed an expansion of its tire recycling plant in Berthold, ND. The plant utilizes the company’s DePolymerization process to recover carbon black-based materials as an alternative to virgin carbon black. The plant’s capacity was expanded by 50%.

Below is the main text of the press release.

Delta-Energy, LLC, the premier resource recovery company specializing in recovering carbon black based products for reuse in rubber and plastic compounds, announced today that they have completed the expansion of their DEPolymerization™ plant in Berthold, ND. The plant’s capacity to recover carbon black based materials has been expanded by 50% in order to meet growing demand for Phoenix Black®, a green alternative to virgin carbon black used for rubber reinforcement. Delta-Energy’s Phoenix Black product line reinforces a wide range of rubber compounds similarly to medium and low reinforcing carbon blacks. The products are being used in dynamic and static rubber applications. Zephyr Black product line has the tint strength of carbon blacks used in commodity black plastic master batches and coatings. “Our DEPolymerization process takes one of the world’s biggest pollution problems – discarded tires – and turns them into usable gas and liquid fuels and recovered carbon black based solids. With the rising cost of raw materials and base energy we are experiencing an ever-increasing demand for DEPolymerization products,” said Paul Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Delta-Energy, LLC. “The increased capacity of our Berthold plant will definitely help bridge demand, especially black demand, as we construct our next plant. Currently the company has plans to begin construction of a second plant in Greene County, Pennsylvania in the fourth quarter of 2008 and is reviewing other proposed building sites.
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