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CSRC Group & Eco Infinic to build tire pyrolysis plant at former Continental Carbon site in USA

Last month, Taiwan's CSRC Group and Thailand-based Eco Infinic Co., Ltd. announced the formation of a new joint venture that will build a tire pyrolysis unit at Continental Carbon's site in Phenix City, Alabama. The Phenix site previously supported a 90,000 ton/year carbon black plant, which was shut down in January 2023. CSRC Group is the parent company of Continental Carbon Company (CCC), which operates two carbon black plants in the United States; CSRC Group also operates carbon black plants in China, India, and Taiwan, and is building a new carbon black plant in Turkey. It is the sixth-largest carbon black producer worldwide. CSRC Group recently launched new grades of eco-circular carbon black under the brand name Ouroboros.

The new tire pyrolysis plant is expected to begin production in 2026 and will have 30,000 tons of recovered carbon black (rCB), 35,000 tons of tire pyrolysis oil (TPO), and 2,300 tons of steel wire. The joint venture will be owned 65% by Eco Infinic and 35% by CSRC/CCC.

Eco Infinic is a subsidiary of Taiwan-based SHEICO, which is a world leader in the production of wetsuits and water sports apparel. SHEICO ventured into the field of waste tire pyrolysis due to its commitment to developing eco-friendly materials for its wetsuits. Eco Infinic already operates a tire pyrolysis unit in Kao Khansong, Thailand; the company was founded in 2017. The Thai factory can process 35,000 tons/year of waste tires and is expanding capacity.

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