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CBp Carbon Moves Into Next Phase for Production of Recycled Carbon Black

In a press release from August 6, 2008, CBp Carbon Industries (Bratislava, Slovak Republic) announced that it is moving into the next phase of its plan to build a commercial production facility to produce a carbon black replacement from recycled tires.

The company reported that it had recently completed Phase 2 of the three phase program, which involved using its pilot plant in Hungary to determine the most viable technology configurations for its process and to engineer the facility to produce varying quantities and qualities of its carbon black replacement, which is marketed as CBp Carbon Green. This phase also involved the delivery of test quantities of the product to tire manufacturers in Europe, North America, and Asia for evaluation.

Under Phase 3 of the program, CBp Carbon plans to complete construction of its first generation commercial production facility located in Limasol, Cyprus by 4Q 2008, with full commercial operation by Q1 2009. The Phase 3 test production plant has been moved to the Cyprus facility.

The startup of the Cyprus facility will be followed by commencement of larger next generation facilities in Greece and North America (30,000 tonnes per annum minimum), with other regions to follow. The company reports that it is assessing sites in Europe and North America for commercial plants in cooperation with governments and local businesses. The company expects to break ground on at least three next generation commercial plants in 2009. Further, CBp President John Novak has indicated that the company plans to build at least ten plants per year, within the next three to five years, in conjunction with participating governments and major industry partners.

According to company sources, the 30,000 tonnes of capacity for these units refers to the amount of tire shred processed per year and does not refer to output of carbon black replacement. The company’s process produces energy (syngas, which is converted into electricity), scrap steel, and carbon black replacement.

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