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Carbon Black World Announces Preconference Seminar on Energy Recovery

The organizers of the Carbon Black World conference, which is to be held in Rome on November 17-18, have announced a pre-conference seminar entitled Energy Recovery & Emissions Abatement in Carbon Black Manufacture. The seminar will be held Tuesday, November 16 and will be taught by C.P. Natarajan, an independent consultant on industrial energy recovery and long-time veteran of the carbon black industry.

From the brochure:

Learn the latest about Energy Recovery to improve your bottom line and Emissions Abatement for a Greener environment. Attendees will discuss and examine the construction of state of the art energy equipment used in plants, how to keep equipment functioning when they show problems and how to identify operational problems before they occur. The discussions will continue about commercially available emissions abatement technologies and their adaptation to the carbon black industry. Key topics to be covered: * Basics of carbon black energy recovery, equipment and comparison of available designs * Corrosion and material selection * Operation, maintenance and safety * Field problems and repair * Emissions from carbon black plants and their effects on humans, livestock and plant life * Emission control technologies and their adaptation to the Carbon Black Industry
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