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Carbon Black 2011 conference coming to Singapore

The Carbon Black 2011 Asia Pacific Conference will be held next week in Singapore. Anyone interested in the $14 billion global carbon black industry is well advised to attend this comprehensive two day conference, which covers all aspects of supply/demand, feedstocks, manufacturing, and product developments. The conference will be held November 16-18 at the Hilton Singapore.

Sukhjeet Sekhon of Glencore is the conference chair, and Dr. Santrupt Misra of the Aditya Birla Group will deliver the first keynote address. Notch Consulting will present a second keynote on the topic of Carbon Black Global Supply/Demand Trends. Day 1 also includes a session dedicated to regional overviews of the Asia Pacific market, including Ashok Goyal of Phillips Carbon Black on South Asia; Sanjeev Sood of Thai Carbon Black on South-East Asia; Igor Levenberg of Makrochem on Russia & CIS; Liu Min of the China Carbon Black Institute on China; and Midori Hajikano of Tokai Carbon on Japan. Day 2 sees the popular session on carbon black feedstocks, which will feature a keynote address from David Tauber of Tauber Oil, as well as talks by Vince Guercio of CTC International and Dr. Soumen Chakraborty of Himadri Chemicals.

Other speakers include Alberto De Amicis of Eurotecnica, William Brown of Hosokawa Micron, Jesse Klinkhamer of Klean Industries, Vinod Taneja of Phillips Carbon Black, A Riaz Bismilla of Sid Richardson, Silke Jagusch of Alstom, Okiteru Fukuda of Asahi Carbon, Dr. Ole Petzoldt of WL Gore, Lars Gunnarsson of Elkstrom & Sons, Ciu Jianbo of Doright, Shigemi Toda of Tokai Carbon, CP Natarajan of Ganpads USA, and Ranjan Dey of Carborundum Universal.

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