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Cabot to build new Chinese carbon black plant

On March 15, Cabot (China) Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cabot Corporation, announced the formation of a new joint venture with Risun Chemicals Company, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Risun Coal Chemicals Group, Ltd. Cabot owns a 60-percent equity interest in the new joint venture under the agreement.

Cabot and Risun will invest approximately $100 million to construct a state-of-the-art carbon black manufacturing facility in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, about 250 miles (400 kilometers) south of Beijing. The plant is expected on-stream in early 2013 with an initial capacity of 130,000 tonnes/year, expandable to 300,000 tonnes/year at a future date. The new plant will employ advanced emissions control technology and energy recapture.

“Cabot has been a leader in the China carbon black industry for many years,” said Patrick Prevost, Cabot president and chief executive officer. “This investment builds on our strong position in China, where demand for carbon black continues to grow. Cabot has been a successful supplier in China for more than 20 years. Our investment will further build our presence in the region.”

Dave Miller, Cabot Core Segment executive vice president and general manager, said this new facility will enable the manufacture of products not readily available in China. “We are committed to meeting the changing needs of tire producers in this important region,” Miller said. “Our customers know they can rely on us to provide a long-term, secure source of high quality material in China and provide innovative solutions for their needs.”

“We are grateful for the strong support from the Xingtai and China governments for this joint venture project,” said Dr. Xinsheng Zhang, president, Cabot China Ltd., and Cabot president, Asia Pacific region. “We are also excited to partner with Risun Chemicals Company, Ltd., on this new project. Risun has been an important supplier to our current China operations and this joint venture will enhance our relationship, helping ensure supply reliability for the Xingtai facility and providing an outlet for some of Risun’s key products.”

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