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Cabot realigns business reporting segments

Cabot Corporation today announced a change in its reporting segments: going forward Cabot is organized into four reporting segments: Reinforcement Materials, Performance Chemicals, Specialty Fluids, and Purification Solutions.

Reinforcement Materials now combines the rubber blacks and elastomer composites product lines. Elastomer composites previously was included in the Advanced Technologies segment, which no longer exists. This segment’s main objective is to serve the tire and industrial rubber industries.

Performance Chemicals (previously Performance Materials) includes two segments: Specialty Carbons and Formulations (which includes the specialty carbons and compounds and inkjet colorants product lines) and Metal Oxides (which includes the fumed metal oxides and aerogel product lines).

The Specialty Fluids business will now be a stand-alone reporting segment. Previously it was in the Advanced Technologies segment.

Finally, there was no change to the Purification Solutions segment, which includes the Cabot Norit Activated Carbon business.

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