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Cabot launches new line of highly-conductive carbon blacks

Last week, Cabot Corporation launched a new line of super-conductive specialty blacks for use in plastics applications under the tradename VULCAN® XCmax™. According to Cabot, the new products provide among the highest range of conductivities achievable with carbon blacks as well as excellent cleanliness and consistency. Cabot also introduced a new line of conductive concentrates to complement its existing CABELEC® conductive compounds products. The VULCAN XCmax family consists of conductive blacks intended for use in wire and cable, antistatic flooring and safety systems, automotive fuel tanks and inlets, coatings, and electronics and electrical products, specifically for products that must be conductive or dissipative at relatively low loadings. This ensures the mechanical properties of the underlying polymer are not affected, which is key for many electrostatic dissipation applications.

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