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Birla Still Investigating Mexico?

At the carbon black conference in Chongqing, I heard a rumor that Aditya Birla Group is still investigating the possibility of building a carbon black plant in Altamira, Mexico. The next day, the Mexican newspaper Hoy Tamaulipas reported that a team from Aditya Birla Group had visited with Governor Eugenio Hernandes Flores at his offices in Tamaulipas. Below is my translation of the article, based on Google and my own rudimentary Spanish.

During a promotional tour of Asia by Governor Eugenio Hernandez Flores in 2008, which promoted the competitive advantages of Tamaulipas as a land investment, top executives of the Aditya Birla Group announced plans to expand its operations in the port of Altamira. Aditya Birla is a world-class India company, specializing in the field of telecommunications, petrochemicals, textiles and steel. The company announced an investment of at least $80 million in a carbon black plant in Altamira. The governor received at his offices in Government House the corporate director of Aditya Birla, Santrupt Misra. Also the manager of Carbon Black Business Aditya Birla Group, Surendra Goyal and executive business strategy of this group, Joseph M. Domene, who stated that after a competitiveness study conducted in various parts of North America, the port of Altamira is the most interesting elective to expand their operations. Flores Hernandez told them that among the incentives the government has offered is the recruitment and training of skilled workers, since this type of plant requires a highly qualified staff. “We appreciate that this world-class company has put Tamaulipas and in particular the port of Altamira on your map. You will find here a friendly government that deals well with companies, workers and foreign investors,” said the governor. The construction of the plant would generate a thousand direct jobs and 300 indirect. Once the operation begins, it will require at least 150 engineers and technicians. Aditya Birla Group is also interested in creating a laboratory for research and technological development. In this context, the Hindu leaders expressed their safety they found in the Governor Eugenio Hernandez Flores all technical and administrative facilities.
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