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Tokai Carbon CB introduces rubber blacks for electric vehicle tires and components

Tokai Carbon CB Ltd., the Fort Worth-based subsidiary of Tokyo’s Tokai Carbon, has introduced several grades of rubber blacks specifically developed for electric vehicles. The grades were developed to provide higher strength and lower hysteresis in rubber products. EV800 is designed to give maximum strength and lower hysteresis for tire sidewall applications. The greater weight of the batteries will require this increase in strength while not sacrificing the necessary hysteresis to improve overall rolling resistance. For non-tire components, EV480 is designed to provide higher strength at higher levels of reinforcement. Both carbon blacks are available immediately through Tokai Carbon CB.

Last month, Tokai Carbon CB announced it will increase carbon black prices in North America. Starting July 15 or as customer contracts allow, the company will raise its prices $150 per metric ton. Tokai said the increase allows the company to invest in its facilities and cover rising operational and raw material costs.

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