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Solutia prepared to defend 4-ADPA patents (subscription required) has an article about Solutia’s recent restructuring of its rubber chemicals business, which included the sale of its accelerators business. Following the restructuring, Solutia is focused on Santoflex (6PPD) antigradants and Crystex insoluble sulfur, where it holds leading positions.

The primary products in the Santoflex antidegradant portfolio are manufactured from the key intermediate 4-ADPA using Solutia’s proprietary PPD2 technology, for which Solutia holds a series of manufacturing process patents, including its Base Patents and Improvement Patent. “We developed a revolutionary manufacturing process and we stand firm in our commitment to protect our intellectual property around the world,” commented Roger Owen, global business director of Solutia’s antidegradants business, adding a caution to companies tempted to draw inspiration from Solutia’s work: “We have previously been engaged in patent litigation to protect against infringement of the Base Patents and are prepared to vigorously defend our intellectual rights under the Improvement Patent.” The Improvement Patent is, Solutia adds, valid in key countries throughout the world until 2019 and has been repeatedly held valid despite challenges from competitors.
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