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RJ Lee & Delta-Energy to Build Tire Recycling Plant in PA; Will Produce Recycled Carbon Black

According to a March 26, 2008 article in the Observer-Reporter, The RJ Lee Group, a consulting and development group based in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, has proposed plans to build a tire recycling plant at the Paisley Industrial Park in Cumberland Township, Pennsylvania.

The plans will be reviewed by the [Planning] commission at its April 7 meeting in the second floor conference room at the Greene County Office Building. The company earlier had applied for a state permit for the plant, which will employ a new method the company has developed and patented to recycle used tires. Plans submitted to the commission indicate the company will construct two buildings, together containing 44,500 square feet of floor space, on a 10-acre site on Areford Boulevard in the park.

On March 31, the Observer-Reporter published an editorial in support of the plant.

The plant will use a new depolymerization process supplied by Delta-Energy, which formerly was part of RJ Lee Group. The patented process reportedly results in higher quality raw materials than those produced from traditional high-heat pyrolysis. Delta-Energy currently operates a pilot plant in North Dakota that is producing recycled carbon black, as well as oil and syngas.

Delta-Energy’s North Dakota tire recycling facility produces recycled carbon black that is being sold into “virgin” markets, including rubber and pigment applications. Most applications are in the mechanical rubber goods area. The carbon black is marketed as D-E Black.

According to sources at Delta-Energy, if the plant is approved it will come on-stream in 4Q 2008 and will have a capacity of about 35 tonnes of tire shred per day, resulting in about 14 tonnes of carbon black per day, or about 5,000 tonnes per year.

Delta-Energy presented a paper on its process at last year’s Tire Tech Expo in Cologne.

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