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Rhodia Announces Worldwide Price Increase of 12% for Precipitated Silica

Lyon, France, March 4, 2008 – Rhodia Silcea announces a 12 percent price increase worldwide – with immediate effect – for its precipitated silica range to face the unprecedented rise in raw materials and energy costs.“Despite our best efforts to offset rising costs by productivity performance improvements, Rhodia Silcea is obliged to pass on the increase through the price of its silica to ensure sustainable margins,” explains Peter Browning, Global Silica Business Director, Rhodia Silcea.Rhodia Silcea continuously strives to counteract escalating costs with productivity programmes and other containment measures. However, the sustained magnitude of cost increases makes this price rise absolutely essential and unavoidable.

Here is the press release.

Huber’s price increase of February 1, 2008 for its specialty grade silica and silicates was largely successful, suggesting there is sufficient tightness in the silica market to support increases.

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