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OSC completes new silicate furnace in Taiwan

Oriental Silicas Corporation (Taipei, Taiwan) today dedicated a new silicate furnace in Taiwan. The unit produces high quality silicate for use in the production of precipitated silica, using high purity silica sand from Australia and natural soda ash by ANSAC (American natural soda ash Corporation). The OXY-fired melting furnace was designed by Asahi Japan and has a capacity of 250 MT/day. Initial capacity is 100,000 MT/year, with an expansion expected in 2015. Output from the unit will be used internally by OSC in the production of precipitated silica and also sold for the production of silica sol, silica gel, etc. The silicate furnace is located in the Taiching Harbor District of Taiwan, about 40 kilometers from OSC’s silica plant in Sanyi.

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