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Orion raising carbon black prices in North America

On Monday, Orion Engineered Carbons announced that effective September 15, 2021, or as permitted by customer contracts, the company is increasing prices on all carbon black products produced in North America. In a press release announcing the increase, Orion attributes the move to higher operating costs related to recently installed emissions control systems and associated capital investments required to maintain service levels. As a result, Orion will adjust base prices and environmental surcharges for carbon black by a total of 8 cents per pound. In addition, service charges, payment terms, and volume rebates will be adjusted to reflect higher logistics costs, capital commitments and reliability expectations.

The Orion announcement follows a series of price increase announcements in the carbon black industry over the last few months. Previously, Orion announced a price increase for rubber blacks in the EMEA region and an increase in specialty black prices, while Cabot announced price increases for specialty blacks and rubber blacks in EMEA and Birla Carbon raised prices for rubber blacks in North America and for specialty blacks.

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