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Notch Consulting Releases New Report: Tire Industry Investment 2008

In April, Notch Consulting Group published a new report on the tire industry entitled Tire Industry Investment 2008. It is an Excel-only report with three major components:

  1. An overview of recent and proposed tire industry capital projects. Information provided for each project includes company, plant location, project details, tire types affected, budget, announce date, and scheduled completion date. The report provides data on 129 separate projects completed or announced since January 1, 2007.

  2. A forecast for tire production and rubber consumption by country, including projections for both short-term growth (2008–2010) and long-term growth (through 2015 and 2025). Data provided include unit production of passenger and truck/bus tires and rubber consumption in tonnes for 26 leading countries, as well as regional and global totals.

  3. Tire production capacity by plant for more than 500 tire plants worldwide. Data provided are company, plant location, plant capacity, tire types produced, and recent developments.

Here is an overview of the report’s contents. Ordering and pricing information is here.

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