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Notch Announces Quarterly Report on Carbon Black Pricing, Supply/Demand, and Industry News

While at the Carbon Black 2009 Perspective in Asia Pacific conference (see post below), Notch Consulting announced a major new addition to its report lineup: The Contact Patch, a quarterly report on carbon black pricing, supply and demand, and industry developments. The first issue of the report was published this month, and future issues will appear quarterly.

The new report is included at no charge with a subscription to Notch’s annual report, the Carbon Black World Data Book, but the quarterly report may also be purchased separately, on either an annual or single issue basis. Contact Notch at info AT for details and subscription rates.

The report includes two components:

Pricing Report: Provides quarterly and monthly contract prices for major rubber grades for

  1. the United States (N110, N234, N330, N339, N550 – prices in US$),

  2. the European Union (N234, N326, N330, N339, N550- prices in €),

  3. Brazil (N234, N330, N339, N550 – prices in US$); and

  4. Monthly spot prices for China (N220, N234, N326, N330, N550 – prices in RMB)

Supply and Demand Update: Provides year-to-date figures based on the latest quarterly data and full-year forecasts for the current year, with a comparison to the previous year’s performance during the same period. Each issue also includes revised forecasts. Data cover all major countries as well as regional and global totals, and include carbon black capacity, utilization, production, and apparent consumption. The report also includes capacity developments, status of pending projects, and industry news.

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