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New silica producer starts up in India

Kiran Global Chems Limited, a chemical company based in Chennai, India), started up a new precipitated silica plant in SIPCOT Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India in August 2016. The silica plant operates as Allied Silica and plans to produce more than 40 grades under the AlliedSil tradename for a range of applications including tires, dental, MRG, pesticides, paints, inks, cosmetics, pharma, plastic, and animal feed. Allied Silica plans to add a second phase in 2017 that will more than double its capacity. Here is the company’s contact info.

India currently ranks as the third largest market for precipitated silica in Asia, and the sixth largest overall. India’s silica market is growing 8%-9% per year.

More detail on this expansion as well as other recent and proposed expansion projects is available in the Silica Market Update, which is published twice per year by Notch Consulting. The most recent edition of the report was published in September 2016 and includes details on 21 recent and proposed capacity expansion projects for precipitated silica, as well as global and regional supply and demand (historical and forecast), market trends, and current pricing. Here is an overview of the current report.

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