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New report covers global market for rubber tackifiers

Notch Consulting is pleased to announce the publication of a new market research report, World Markets for Rubber Tackifiers, which provides a detailed analysis of the global market for tackifiers used in the tire and rubber industry. Tackifiers are adhesives used in the construction of tires and certain industrial rubber goods (belts, hoses) where multiple layers must be plied together and remain in place until the product is cured. This 36-page report includes 20 tables detailing rubber tackifier demand by type, market, and region, as well as pricing, industry developments, and market share by company for the total market as well as major segments. Tackifier demand is provided for all years from 2003 through 2013, with forecasts for all years from 2014 through 2020. Note: tackifer demand in this report excludes homogenizers, processing aids, compatibilizers, reinforcing resins, curing resins, and adhesion promoters, as well as all use of tackifiers outside of the tire and rubber sectors. Rubber tackifier types covered in this report are phenolics (including standard types [p-tert-octyl-phenol, or PTOP] and high performance types [p-tert-butyl-phenol]), hydrocarbon resins, rosin esters, and other types (coumarone-indene resins and terpenes). An overview of the report is provided here. Contact Notch Consulting at info@notchconsulting for more information or to order.

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