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Michelin develops new fuel-efficient tire for Renault

Michelin has developed new, highly energy efficient tires to help increase the overall range of Renault’s new model, ZOE. All Renault ZOE models equipped with 15 and 16-inch tires will be fitted with the new Michelin Energy E-V tires.

In its press release, Michelin said its goal in the project was to design tires that help to reduce energy consumption while maintaining safety — especially wet grip — and tread life.

One goal of its design work was reducing heat buildup caused by the deformation that occurs with each rotation of the tire; as the tire’s structure is deformed, the components heat up and some of the energy transmitted by the engine is lost. MICHELIN ENERGY™ E-V tires heat up less while driving, which reduces energy consumption, but the rubber in the contact patch heats up quickly when the brakes are applied, which shortens braking distances.

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