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Lehigh Technologies, maker of sustainable rubber powders, expands into Brazil

Lehigh Technologies, manufacturer of sustainable, micronized rubber powders, has announced its expansion into Brazil with the appointment of a country manager for Brazil. Lehigh Technologies’ proprietary manufacturing process converts end-of-life tire and post-industrial rubber material into micron-scale sustainable powders that are readily integrated into existing formulations.  In addition to helping companies achieve sustainability goals, key performance attributes are improved and at a significant savings over the cost of virgin raw materials.

“Responsibility toward end-of-life tire collection is an important element in determining where Lehigh expands its footprint, indicating market interest in sustainability. “Brazil’s experience and history in establishing legislation and associations that support the industry of recycling end-of-life tires tells us that the market is interested in increasing its use of sustainable materials,” says Kedar Murthy, general manager and vice president of tire and industrial rubber. “Moreover, there is a sophisticated and diversified industrial base that embraces new technology.”
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