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Hankook introducing green tire in US

From Tire Business (subscription required) comes word that Hankook Tire America Corp. will roll out three new tires this year, including a low rolling-resistance tire for hybrid and other fuel-efficient vehicles. The tire is called the enfren eco and uses a high-silica-content synthetic rubber tread compound for reduced rolling resistance, according to Hankook, though it did not release specific rolling-resistance data for the tire. The enfren eco will be available in the US one 16- and four 15-inch sizes. The eco efren was introduced in South Korea in 2008, in Japan and Australia in 2009, and in China in 2010. Hankook Tire America’s other two new consumer products are the Dynapro HT all-season performance tire for light trucks, vans and SUVs, and the Optimo H426 all-season grand touring performance tire.

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