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Eliokem raises Wingstay prices, capacity

VILLEJUST, France, June 15th, 2010 – Due to a very high demand of para-cresol monomer for the production of antioxidants but also for the manufacturing of cosmetic and pharmaceutical intermediates, the para-cresol price has increased significantly in June 2010.

In order to offset the para-cresol and isobutylene cost increases, Eliokem announces a worldwide price increase for its Wingstay L antioxidant up to 20% in Euros, effective July 1st 2010.

Due to the continuing success in polymer stabilization, the demand for Wingstay L molecule is increasing, especially in Asia .

To confirm its long term commitment to the Wingstay L business, Eliokem management team has decided to increase global manufacturing capacity for Wingstay L.

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