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Columbian Chemicals to Close Carbon Black Plant in the UK

According to the Bristol Evening Post, Sevalco, which is Columbian Chemicals UK-based carbon black subsidiary, has announced that it will shut down due to a weak European market for carbon black. The plant is located in Avomouth, UK and has been in operation since 1951.

Notch learned about one month ago that the plant had been idled, but did not report the news because the company was still evaluating the plant’s future. According to reports that I am hearing, it became clear during recent annual contract meetings with European tiremakers that volumes in the European market would be down significantly in 2009, which sealed the fate of the factory. The decision will result in the loss of 88 jobs. A few years ago, the plant removed two units, one thermal unit and one furnace unit, leaving the site with three furnace units, two carcass and one tread. According to the article, it is not yet clear what will happen to the site.

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