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Century Enka Urges Anti-Dumping Fees Against Nylon Tire Cord

According to Calcutta’s The Telegraph, two Indian producers of nylon tire cord, Century Enka and SRF Ltd., have petitioned for the imposition of anti-dumping duties on imports of nylon tire cord from Belarus into India.

Century Enka (Calcutta, India), a joint venture between BK Birla Group and Accords, is a leading Indian producer of textile fibers, including tire cord. The company reported that its profitability in nylon tire cord stumbled last year as the company was forced to reduce prices in response to imports. BK Birla has indicated that it will not invest further in Century Enka unless the company’s results improve. SRF Ltd. (Haryana, India) produces specialty chemicals, polymers, and textiles, and is India’s leading producer of nylon tire yarn and cord.

Several years ago, Century and SRF successfully lobbied for action against Chinese imports of nyon tire cord, resulting in an anti-dumping duty of Rs 51 per tonne.

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