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Cabot moving masterbatch facility from Hong Kong to Tianjin

Cabot has announced that it will close its Hong Kong masterbatch plant on March 31, 2012, and move the production to its new facility in Tianjin, China. Starting in April 2012, all of Cabot’s masterbatch product made in China will be produced in Tianjin.

Cabot’s Tianjin masterbatch plant, which opened in September 2011, has a current capacity of 45KMT, which in Cabot’s view makes it large enough to supply the current demand of the plastics industry in Asia, as well as its expected near-term future growth. Cabot’s operations in Tianjin incorporate both carbon black production and masterbatching, which creates strong competitive advantages through integrated economics, increased scale, and world-class process technology, according to the company.

Cabot produces masterbatch products for a broad range of uses in the plastics industry, such as key infrastructure and automotive applications. Typical end products include plastic moldings, pipes, cable jacketing, film, and much more. Carbon black masterbatch is a premixed material comprised of a polymer and carbon black for use in a wide range of thermoplastic applications.

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