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Cleanup Continues on Illinois Carbon Black Spill

In a post from last week, I wrote about a carbon black spill in Hancock County, Illinois. On Tuesday, the Hancock County Journal-Pilot published an excellent article on the original spill and on cleanup efforts, which continue.

Clean-up was started where the spill began, the intersection of rts. 9 and 94. A semi truck and trailer belonging to Chandler Transportation, Inc. of Monmouth struck a barrier on Friday, June 13, at the intersection’s construction site, causing two of the three compartments within the box trailer to crack open and begin spilling carbon black onto the roadway, according to an investigation by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The largest pile of carbon black at the intersection was 10,000 pounds. Clean-up in the first 100 yards of highway netted 5,000 pounds of carbon black.

In my original post, I noted that there was some initial disagreement about the size of the spill, with estimates ranging from 1 ton to 15 tons. It’s obvious from this article that the reality is closer to 15 tons, or 30,000 pounds. According to the article, the Illinois EPA may take action against the trucking company for violations of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.

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