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Bridgestone Ad for Run-Flats

From the blog comes an astute analysis of a two-page Bridgestone ad for run-flat tires that appeared in Wired magazine.

The headline on the left ad reads: RUN-FLAT TIRES KEEP DRIVERS IN CONTROL. This doesn’t tell me much about Run-Flat tires. How do they keep drivers in control? In control of what? To answer this question, I’m supposed to read the copy on the page, which I’m not going to do, because: 1. I’m busy. 2. The ad isn’t compelling. 3. I’m not all that interested in tires. Bridgestone thinks that I have nothing better to do than to read through all the features of their new tires. They’re wrong. If I don’t read the copy, I won’t find out what Run-Flat tires are.

As I’ve said previously, I’m not convinced that the tire industry has figured out how to sell these products to a disinterested public. Early adopters are all over them but for everyone else it’s huh? what?

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