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At the Tire Tech Expo in Cologne this week

The annual Tire Technology Expo is happening next week at the Kolnmesse. This is an essential show, a full three-day conference combined with a huge trade show. Notch is presenting on Day 2 (Wednesday, February 11) during Session Four: Understanding Tire Reinforcement Materials and Behaviour. My talk is at 9:00 am and is called “Carbon black and silica in tire markets: challenges and opportunities.” It looks at major trends affecting the global carbon black and precipitated silica industries, and provides current demand and outlook for carbon black and silica. Session four lasts all day and includes papers from Evonik, Iqesil, Lanxess, PPG, Rhein Chemie, Sid Richardson, and Solvay, among others. Here is the full on-line program. See you there!

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