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Covers the global market for specialty blacks, which are premium grades of carbon blacks used in non-rubber applications. Data provided include specialty blacks demand, prices, market value, production capacity by company and plant, major grades & product lines, and market share by company. World Specialty Blacks is an addendum to the Carbon Black World Data Book, and subscribers to the Data Book receive a discount on Specialty Blacks.

Data encompass the following types of carbon black:

  • Specialty furnace blacks (i.e., all furnace blacks used in non-rubber uses)
  • Modified furnace blacks (e.g., Ensaco)
  • Thermal blacks (including medium and fine thermal black)
  • Acetylene blacks
  • Gas & Lamp blacks
  • Superconductive blacks (e.g., Ketjenblack)
  • Carbon nanotubes (including single-wall and multiwall CNTs)

Data encompass the following markets:

  • Plastics (Film, Injection/Blow Molding, Wire/Cable, Pipe, Engineering, Fiber)
  • Conductive Polymers (Wire & Cable Semicon, ESD, EMI uses)
  • Ink & Toners (Publication Inks, Packaging Inks, Toners, Inkjets)
  • Batteries (Dry Cell, Lithium Ion, Lead Acid)
  • Other Markets (Adhesives, Mulch, Rubber Goods, Graphite/Carbon, Insulation)

World Specialty Blacks

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